Template:Redirect3 Template:Infobox Broadcast SMNI TV 39 of Sonshine Media Network International (DWBP-TV channel 39), is a relay station of SMNI TV 43 Davao. It is currently operated from Davao City by Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI) after the network and expand to the entire Philippine archapelago. Channel 39's studio is located within the Jesus Christ Compound, Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines, while the transmitter is located at Brgy, Sauyo, Quezon City.[1]


As ETV 39Edit

The station started as ETV 39, attempting to become the first free to air gambling channel on UHF with the nightly Bingo Pilipino draws. It fizzled out by late 2000 as former President Joseph Estrada banned its draws in response to public clamor.

As SMNI TV 39Edit

on January 8, 2006, after the series of test broadcasts, ACQ-KBN TV 39 (now SMNI TV 39) is launched at the first Global Thanksgiving and Worship presentation at the PhilSports Arena.


see Sonshine Media Network International

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