The following is a list of television stations that are affiliated with GMA Network. [1]

GMA Network terrestrial television stationsEdit

Branding Callsign Ch. # Station Type Power kW (ERP) Transmitter location
GMA 7 Manila DZBB-TV TV-7 Originating 100 kW (1,000 kW ERP) Mega Manila
GMA TV-5 Ilocos Norte DWAS-TV TV-5 Originating 5 kW (75 kW ERP) Laoag
GMA TV-48 Ilocos Sur DZIS-TV TV-48 Relay 1 kW Bantay, Ilocos Sur
GMA TV-48 Abra DWBG-TV TV-48 Relay 1 kW Bangued, Abra
GMA TV-10 Benguet DZEA-TV TV-10 Relay 10 kW Baguio
GMA TV-10 Dagupan DWGD-TV TV-10 Originating 10 kW (5 kW ERP) Dagupan
GMA TV-5 Mountain Province DZVG-TV TV-5 Relay 5 kW Mt. Amuyao, Mt. Province
GMA TV-7 Tuguegarao DWBB-TV TV-7 Relay 5 kW (7.5 kW ERP) Tuguegarao
GMA TV-13 Aparri DZBB-TV TV-13 Relay 1 kW (0.2225 kW ERP) Aparri, Cagayan
GMA TV-7 Batanes DWAZ-TV TV-7 Relay 1 kW Basco, Batanes
GMA TV-7 Isabela DZIG-TV TV-7 Relay 5 kW Santiago, Isabela
GMA TV-7 Quirino DWLE-TV TV-7 Relay 1 kW (0.250 kW ERP) Cabarroguis, Quirino
GMA TV-5 Bayombong DZZR-TV TV-5 Relay 1 kW Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
GMA TV-5 Baler DZZB-TV TV-5 Relay 5 kW Baler, Aurora
GMA TV-10 Olongapo DWNS-TV TV-10 Relay 2.5 kW Olongapo
GMA TV-44 Jala-Jala, Rizal DZJJ-TV TV-44 Relay 5 kW (80 kW ERP) Jala-Jala, Rizal
GMA TV-12 Batangas DWCW-TV TV-12 Relay 10 kW Batangas
GMA TV-13 Occidental Mindoro DWZR-TV TV-13 Relay 5 kW San Jose, Occidental Mindoro
GMA TV-7 Romblon DWTR-TV TV-7 Relay 1 kW (1 kW ERP) Romblon, Romblon
GMA TV-8 Coron, Palawan DWRF-TV TV-8 Relay 1 kW (1.01 kW ERP) Coron, Palawan
GMA TV-12 Puerto Princesa DYPU-TV TV-12 Relay 5 kW (0.89 kW ERP) Puerto Princesa
GMA TV-6 Brooke's Point, Palawan DYAA-TV TV-6 Relay 1 kW (0.5 kW ERP) Brooke's Point, Palawan
GMA TV-7 Naga DWAI-TV TV-7 Originating 30 kW Naga
GMA TV-12 Legazpi DWLA-TV TV-12 Relay 10 kW (25 kW ERP) Legazpi
GMA TV-7 Masbate DYKD-TV TV-7 Relay 2 kW Masbate
GMA TV-13 Catanduanes DZZC-TV TV-13 Relay 2 kW Virac, Catanduanes
GMA TV-2 Kalibo DYBB-TV TV-2 Relay 5 kW (11 kW ERP) Kalibo, Aklan
GMA TV-5 Roxas DYAM-TV TV-5 Relay 5 kW (0.39 kW ERP) Roxas
GMA TV-6 Iloilo DYXX-TV TV-6 Originating 10 kW (75 kW ERP) Iloilo
GMA TV-13 Bacolod DYGM-TV TV-13 Originating 10 kW (360.44 kW ERP) Bacolod
GMA TV-30 Metro Bacolod DYAQ-TV TV-30 Relay 5 kW Metro Bacolod
GMA TV-7 Cebu DYSS-TV TV-7 Originating 25 kW (259 kW ERP) Cebu
GMA TV-11 Bohol DYYE-TV TV-11 Relay 100 Watts (0.39 kW ERP) Jagna, Bohol
GMA TV-10 Sipalay DYSL-TV TV-10 Relay 1 kW Sipalay
GMA TV-5 Dumaguete DYYB-TV TV-5 Relay 10 kW Dumaguete
GMA TV-10 Tacloban DYTO-TV TV-10 Relay 10 kW Tacloban
GMA TV-12 Ormoc DYIL-TV TV-12 Relay 1 kW Ormoc
GMA TV-5 Calbayog DYAS-TV TV-5 Relay 1 kW (5 kW ERP) Calbayog
GMA TV-8 Borongan DYVB-TV TV-8 Relay 1 kW (5 kW ERP) Borongan
GMA TV-9 Zamboanga DXLA-TV TV-9 Relay 10 kW Zamboanga
GMA TV-4 Dipolog DXXT-TV TV-4 Relay 5 kW Dipolog
GMA TV-3 Pagadian DXEJ-TV TV-3 Relay 5 kW (10 kW ERP) Pagadian
GMA TV-12 Cagayan De Oro DXDZ-TV TV-12 Originating 30 kW Cagayan De Oro
GMA TV-35 Cagayan De Oro (Central) DXLX-TV TV-35 Relay 10 kW Cagayan De Oro (Central)
GMA TV-5 Ozamiz DXGM-TV TV-5 Relay 1 kW (0.35 kW ERP) Ozamiz
GMA TV-11 Iligan DXRV-TV TV-11 Relay 1 kW (0.5 kW ERP) Iligan
GMA TV-12 Mt. Kitanglad DXXR-TV TV-12 Relay 5 kW Mt. Kitanglad, Bukidnon
GMA TV-5 Davao DXMJ-TV TV-5 Originating 40 kW (360 kW ERP) Davao
GMA TV-8 General Santos DXBG-TV TV-8 Originating 10 kW General Santos
GMA TV-7 Butuan DXNS-TV TV-7 Affiliate 10 kW (39.80 kW ERP) Butuan
GMA TV-10 Surigao DXXA-TV TV-10 Relay 5 kW (0.2125 kW ERP) Surigao
GMA TV-2 Tandag DXRC-TV TV-2 Relay 1 kW (5 kW ERP) Tandag, Surigao Del Sur
GMA TV-12 Cotabato DXMC-TV TV-12 Relay 5 kW Cotabato
GMA TV-12 Jolo DXLS-TV TV-12 Relay 1 kW (0.225 kW ERP) Jolo, Sulu

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